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In-Home & On-site Services Offered


- Basic Diagnostic Testing                                                 $39.99


  • Hardware check and basic system analysis to identify hardware failures or conflict.
  • Configuration on PC, networks or any peripherals are NOT Included. If there are any problems found there will be additional fees.

 - PC Cleaning                                                                       $20.99


This simple service keeps your computer running at it's peak and should be done twice per year. If this is not completed your computer can't breath and it shortens it's life.

This service covers the following;

  • Dust removal from the inside (excluding labtops) and out side.
  • Clean all moving parts that we can get access to.
  • Make sure all fans are clean and running normal.
  • Clean computer screen and keyboard on laptops.


- Virus, Adware and Spyware Removal                     $59.99 



  • Obtain a brief description of the symptoms
  • Boot up PC and insure that the Windows OS being 98, 2000, XP or Vista can fully load with out errors.
  • Ascertain the presence & status of anti-virus software.
  • Install approved removal applications if necessary.
  • Run system and disk cleaner, registry cleaner, start up manager and auto run (if applicable)

* Note: Data loss is always a risk when repairing cleaning viruses and the registry. There is no perfect tool to effectively and completely remove all viruses & malware.  Sometime its best to fully recovery your system.


- Perform System Restore/Recovery                          $100.00


When your computer os is having problem like blue screen or some other problems it might just need this service.  A system restore will format and reinstall your factory OS. 

This service covers the following;

  • Perform full system recovery of (1) one PC or Mac. 
  • When recovery is complete test computer operation.

Please note the following;

  1. Customer should have all recovery CD's on hand at time of service in good working order. This service does NOT cover;
    any 3rd party software installation that was not part of the recovery CD's.
  2. Set up or configuration of ISP connections not included.
  3. Downloading and installing windows updates, patches, or drivers not included.
  4. External peripheral software & device installation
    backing up or restoring customer data is not included


- Full Diagnostic Testing                           $109.99


  • Hardware check and full system analysis to identify hardware failures or conflicts.
  • Software Analysis to identify any software related issues
  • Configuration on PC, networks or any peripherals are NOT Included. If there are any problems found there will be additional fees.



- Create Restore CD/DVD                                                  $99.99


  • Will create a backup image(s) of the operating system in case of hard drive or system failure.
  • This covers all CD's or DVD's needed to preform a system backup image(s)
  • Customer PC must be in good working order.
  • The PC must also have the ability to make a CD/DVD recovery from with in windows or other needed space to store your restoral image, not on your computer.


- Windows Password Recovery                                     $179.99
  • We will recover any lost log-in password on most windows operating systems (98, Me, NT, 2000, XP & Vista).
  • This only covers the removel of one (1) log in password.
  • There is a extra charge of 45.00 per other password on same computer
  • Data loss is always a risk when recovering passwords, even thou we have not seen it.



- Data Recovery                            Call For Price
                                     (Most Popular Package)


  • We can recover Hard Drive, USB Drive, Memory Card or USB Thumb Drive.
  • Recovery is done for the following case.
    o Formatted Drive
    o Damaged Drive
  • We make every effort to recover lost files, pictures & videos.
  • If have any of these problems STOP using the drive.
  • We don't guarantee file recovery because this based of alot of things but if we can't recovery anything (blank drive) you pay only $29.99 and no more





- Hourly Rate                                                                        $49.99

Most services cover this hourly rate but any extra work would be charged our current hourly rate.



*Prices based on 30 minutes of travel to any area from zip code 19720 (New Castle Area).
Anything outside this area you will be billed extra for travel, call for price

*Prices also based on a Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 operating system. Any other systems please call for price.

* Prices based on normal office hours.















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